Your Judgement-Free Space To Think.

What if you could start building the right team, culture and success today…and every day after that?

Working with a very limited number of Founders, CEO’s and C-Suite leaders, the Vision Package is for those leaders who don’t need actions or another thing to add to their to-do list.

This package is for those leaders who need a supportive and non-judgmental space to get clarity on their direction and build a true understanding of their decisions and emotions to allow them to connect with, and explore, the direction they are leading a business.

Who is the Visionary Package for?

This Visionary Package is for you if you are a Founder, CEO or C-suite Member who wants to elevate their influence and effectiveness as a leader and build a team that is truly behind you.

This package isn’t here to tell you what to do next or give you direction (although the option is always there), this is about facilitating your thinking and helping you to clearly decide the direction to take your business.

Very simply, like athletes, the top, highest performing and most effective leaders in the world work with coaches.

But why?

Because they understand the power of working with a trusted expert to help them create the space they need to make the key decisions to move their business and career forwards.

Become a leader that drives towards their goals whilst simultaneously attracting and retaining the best talent to support them in getting there with this facilitated space that will help you produce significant breakthroughs.


Your space to reconnect with, and process, the emotions and challenges of
senior leadership.

Leadership at the executive level is demanding, often isolating, and consistently busy.

Designed specifically for CEOs, Founders, and other members of the C-Suite, our Visionary Coaching Package provides the essential support and space you need to thrive in your leadership role.

You’ve reached the pinnacle of your career through relentless perseverance, exceptional skill, and a commitment to excellence. Your entire life is a whirlwind of responsibilities and decisions. When asked how you’re doing, the answer is always the same: busy.

But at this stage, you don’t need coaching to figure out what more you need to do. Instead, you need a sanctuary—a place to simply be.

A space to think.

To breathe.

To recharge.

So you can maintain your focus and continue excelling in what you do best.

The Visionary Package and Andy provide exactly that.

"I was struggling so much that 12 months ago, I was ready to throw in the towel and close the business. Andy's guidance and support changed everything"

-Ruth, Bakery Founder

Working with only twelve senior leaders each year allows us to fully focus on you.

What I do best is create space, free from judgement, to help you recalibrate and work through whatever is on your mind at the time. I believe it’s what every executive leader needs for their wellbeing.

To ensure my focus on you, I only work with a maximum of 12 senior leaders each year, to ensure my maximum focus is on supporting you in your role.

I am the impartial, judgment-free guide you need to truly open up your true performance and to give you absolute clarity on your big decisions, strategic direction and helping your people to help you do that.

Grounded in the first stage of the Cafe Hustle Leadership Framework, we focus heavily on guiding you into the perfect place so you can maximise your effectiveness as a senior leader.

Whether you are in hospitality, or other industries, I help leaders do just that, in the quickest, most effective way!

What's Included In The Visionary Package?​

The Visionary Package is everything you need as a high-performing executive to hone your decision-making and will give you the platform to effectively and efficiently lead your organisation to achieve your vision and goals.

This 12 month package is about giving you facilitated space where you can gain absolute clarity on your time, priorities and direction whilst honing your career performance.

We deliver this through:

  • A minimum of twelve 90-minute coaching sessions.
  • Bi-weekly 15-30 minute check-ins (between sessions)
  • Executive Leadership Review.
  • Unlimited email and WhatsApp access.
  • Urgent phone call coaching sessions for those difficult moments.
What will you experience with this package?

Get the space and clarity you need.



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