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About Cafe Hustle Hospitality.

Our values, mission and vision are critical to us. They are our foundation and are fundamental to defining our culture. Discover what really drives and motivates us, and find out why Cafe Hustle Hospitality is the perfect leadership partner for you and your business.

Who are we?

At Cafe Hustle Hospitality, we’re here for one thing, and one thing only – the leaders or future leaders of the hospitality industry.

That was what sparked our journey, and although we work with multiple industries now, we are still focused on improving the lives of leaders and employees alike in the hosptiality industry.

Whether through our coaching programs, leadership development and support packages, podcast, and other resources, we are here to serve leaders and their organisation, whatever stage of their career.

Ultimately, at Cafe Hustle Hospitality, we know that leaders aren’t born, they are well and truly made, and they are made through people-focused, values-led authentic leadership.


The Cafe Hustle Hospitality Philosophy


Nothing happens in your business without your people. We put them at the centre of what we do.


We develop authentic leaders who are guided by their core values and lead with passion

Whole Person

We coach and develop the person, not the role. We identify that all aspects of a persons life can impact their professional performance.


A fundamental skill in leaders, we teach people to be more dynamic in their leadership, helping their performance, decision making and influence.

Our Mission, Vision and Values.

What is our mission?

Our mission statement sets our foundation for everything we do.  It’s our purpose summed up in one sentence and provides direction for everything we do.  Whether you are a company of 1000+ people or a solopreneur, we think that developing a well thought out mission statement is invaluable to your purpose.

“To connect, motivate and inspire all members or future members of the hospitality industry through quality and diverse person-centred experience and advice and to simplify leadership in hospitality.”

No matter your business size or type, a well crafted mission statement can make a huge difference when it comes to providing direction and purpose for yourself, your business, and your people.  Check out our podcast episodes where we regularly talk about our guests mission and purpose.

What is our vision?

Our vision is what we are constantly working towards and how we see the future for Cafe Hustle Hospitality.  This keeps us consistently striving to be better than yesterday and to continue helping inspire and motivate you.

Our vision is to consistently help a diverse membership of engaged hospitality workers and owners worldwide reach their business, leadership and personal goals. To create a community of knowledge for our members and their staff to benefit from and to make their work in the hospitality industry just that little bit easier, whether they are currently working or aspire to work in, the hospitality sector.

Our Values

Values are the foundation to any business and their employees.   Cafe Hustle Hospitality is driven by its values and we want you to know what is behind what we do – and those same values are embodied by our people.


At the heart of our ethos lies a profound respect for every individual. We believe that every voice, no matter how soft or loud, carries weight and deserves to be heard. Recognising the diverse tapestry of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, we approach each interaction with an open heart and mind. This commitment to respect extends beyond mere words; it's reflected in our actions, decisions, and the way we engage with our community. For us, respect isn't just a value; it's a promise to treat everyone with the dignity and consideration they rightfully deserve.


We must embrace inspired creativity, applying creative solutions to allow us to provide new and exciting ways for us to engage with the people that use our content. We also must encourage creative ideas for people to explore in their businesses, especially around the adaptability required during testing times.


We acknowledge our limitations and that we do not know everything. We are constantly learning from new experiences and the knowledge of others. We take this approach in everything we do and welcome the feedback and input of users who engage with our content. We appreciate that peoples experiences guide their learning and that at times their view will be different from person to person.


We know that working in catering and hospitality is a tough business and that people deal with the challenges of the industry differently. We show empathy with those who experience these challenges in different ways and attempt to help them as best we can and bring them personal success.


We will represent our true nature and beliefs and encourage those who we engage with to be equally authentic. We will do this to, again, give the best image of the industry to those who engage with our content and webpage.


To honestly discuss the realities of the industry that we work in so that we can genuinely assist those who engage with us. We will fail those who we are trying to help if we do not honestly discuss the challenges we all face working in this industry.


We must deliver our content with integrity. We will not recommend products that have not been endorsed or used by those who contribute to what we do. We need to be confident that the information that we provide, and anything we recommend has genuinely helped people and businesses in some way.


A fundamental component for the hospitality industry, we will encourage and develop the feeling of community between everyone who uses The Cafe Hustle. We will equally encourage everyone to consider placing their community at the heart of everything they do.

Hey, I'm Andy!

Hey, I’m Andy Jones, Founder and Certified Leadership Coach at Cafe Hustle Hospitality. After a varied career that spanned from retail to construction and government roles, each rich with leadership experience, my journey’s been shaped by a belief in the profound impact of leadership. Something that has grown stronger after experiencing my own challenging workplace situations, one in such situation led me to stand up for integrity and accountability.

It was at that moment that I thought “If this is what our managers do, how can the next generation of leaders know what they should do?”

That was the moment of inspiration and from that moment on I knew I wanted to help people grow and develop their leadership influence.

This passion for leadership eventually guided me into the hospitality industry, where my wife and I transformed a coffee shop into a thriving hub, weathering the storm of the pandemic and more.

Eventually, my experience coupled with my want to help other leaders, The Hospitality Leadership Podcast and Cafe Hustle Hospitality was born, a platform offering coaching and leadership development to elevate your business and management skills. Driven by core values and a commitment to the community, we’re here to empower every level of the hospitality sector.

Thank you for joining us here, and I look forward to you being part of our mission to simplify leadership in hospitality.



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